1. Welcome, Intro + Pregnancy

  • Learning why & what we’re doing in this course

  • Pregnancy health

  • The 6 key practices that help ensure a healthy and safe birth for mom + baby

2. Do Not Disturb: Labor in Progress

  • What is "normal" birth, anyway?

  • The role of hormones in birth

  • Are you in labor? How to know + what to do when

  • A-Z of birth: a step-by-step account of labor

3. But What About the PAIN?

  • Labor pain + options for pain relief

  • Coping skills + comfort techniques

  • Partner’s role in labor

  • Labor positions

  • First bathroom trip + other (unspoken) fears

  • How to protect yourself from tearing

4.  When Things DON’T Go as Planned

  • Pain meds in labor

  • Labor complications + interventions

  • The “back” story on Epidurals

  • All about Cesarean birth

  • The cascade of intervention: how did we get here?

5. Baby Care and Breastfeeding

  • Moments after birth

  • Caring for baby while in the hospital

  • Coming home with baby + adjusting to your new life

  • Breastfeeding 101: How to set yourself up for success

6. Real World: POSTPARTUM (What nobody talks about)

  • Changes for pregnant women (physical, emotional, hormonal and more)

  • Changes for partners: role, how to support your partner + still take care of yourself

  • Your relationship with your partner: changed but not forgotten

  • What life is really like for a new parent (hint: it’s not all “OMG I LOVE YOU BABY”)

  • Setting up support now, for later

  • Answering all of your questions, concerns, needs